March 4th is indeed the final date for the art show, and digital submissions of work are due February 23rd. Submit files as 100 ppi, or 10”X10”, RGB color, .jpeg. Even if you can’t come to the opening be sure to send in some of your work!!


Ok, so obviously the nursing home visit didn’t happen before Thanksgiving break, but our new date is for the spring, March 4th, and we are holding a student art show for the seniors!! The location is Atlantis Nursing Home and Rehabilitation center, right here in Fort Greene. C-board will be asking for digital submissions, so be on the lookout for more information soon!


Hey C-Board members! I’m trying to plan a nursing home visit for sometime the week before thanksgiving (Nov. 14-18). I just think it would be nice to give some attention to the old people who might be lonely and not have many friends or any family to spend thanksgiving with. I just have to decide on an activity to do with the seniors-an arts and craft? performance? game night?..something like that. So if you guys have any ideas, or suggestions let me know!


Hey Everyone!

    So here is what’s going on with the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event; Pratt C-Board will be passing out information about the walk and the fight against breast cancer most days from now until the event at a table outside of the cafeteria. Once they arrive, we’ll be passing out some pretty awesome goodies!..Can you say breast cancer ribbon silly bands?! I’m working to set up another fundraiser at a local restaurant for sometime in early October. Remember that anyone can email family, friends, or anyone else who would be interested in joining the cause from the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer website. There is a standard link to send, but you can always personalize the email as well. Of course the Event is at Prospect Part on October 16th, at 10:00 AM. I’ll post more updates on the event progress soon!


Group Interview Idea

Was thinking of ways to see how people work together (through the interview process) for spring break and remembered this presentation at the TEDx conference. 

May be extreme for us but maybe there’s a simpler way to do the same. 

It’s interesting anyways :) 

Photo Set

Thanks to all who came out thursday night for the Japan Relief Fundraiser at Anima Bistro! $294 raised that night! T-shirts will be sold this week during lunch by the cafeteria so stop by and pick one up only $5!! Thanks again!! 


Great trip this year for the Alternative Spring Break to El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico. This was the group of 12 people in attendance…more details and photos coming!


The Heart Health event will be on March 8th in the ARC! We are so excited for this one, it’s going to be a lot of fun. There will be dodgeball, Wii sports and since we’re pairing the event with the ARC’s March Madness event, Basketball!! Entrance is by donation (suggested donation $3) and all donations will go to the American Heart Association. And don’t worry, there will be refreshments as well (FOOD!!).  Look out for advertisements around campus over the next week and hope to see you there!!


Help Bring This Cause To Pratt and The Surrounding Community. SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!!


In the past four days I’ve noticed a lot of New Yorkers doing really nice deeds for strangers. It’s been very inspirational and it has reminded me of why I enjoy community service.

The first random act was when I was buying a sandwich and after it was made I found out the store was cash-only, and I only had my card, as the clerk was telling me where I could find an ATM, the man behind me pulled out some money and bought my sandwich for me. When I thanked him he just told me to “pay it forward.”

The following day I was in Kodak buying some film and there was a student there who was $3 shy of his $81 total. The man next to him just threw down a few singles and said, “I’ve been there, it’s rough being a student filmmaker.” When the student tried to get his contact information to offer to reimburse him he just refused and said “Oh just pay it forward.”

The next day I was in a subway and my card wasn’t reading even though it had money on it. And, even better, there wasn’t a metro card dispenser in this station. A lady walking by on the other side of the turnstile saw me standing there, confused, and just swiped her card through the gate and told me to go ahead. That was very nice of her.

The next day I saw a woman get off the subway with a big cart. She started dragging it behind her up the stairs and this man behind her just picked it up and carried it up for her. 

I know it’s a very cliché saying, “pay it forward,” however, it is a great concept to live life by and it was a pretty decent movie in my opinion. 

Four incidents in four days, I definitely think it’s a sign. And I am more motivated than ever to help out my community. 

-Chelsea Miller